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Our ambition - as outlined in our Global Strategy 2020 - is to be the networked expert organisation for psychosocial wellbeing for children affected by conflict.This process will see us collaborate with organisations across the world to ensure that our work has maximum impact. We intend to reach one million children annually through our programmes - and millions more through our networks.

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Research and Development will help us to build the necessary evidence to share certified programme models through a network of partner organisations. Innovation in fundraising, supported by communications activities, will be prioritised to ensure we can fund our strategic ambitions in the years to 2020.

Our ultimate ambition is to significantly increase the scale of our impact around the world. Through the development of this evidence base in support of our work, we can select and certify a global network of partners and official bodies to implement our proven programme models. This process offers potentially unlimited scale and will ensure that adequate and sufficient protection and psychosocial support is offered to the millions of conflict-affected children around the world.