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Syrian Response

Children affected by conflict: 5.8 million 

Budget spent: €2.5 million 

Number of partner organisations: Fourteen 

Number of projects: Five 

Total child participants: 82,913 (43,109 girls and 39,804 boys) 

Total adult participants: 1,642 (921 women and 721 men) 

Syria has been beset by violence and instability for over five years. The country’s brutal civil war has seen indiscriminate aerial bombing in civilian areas. Millions have been forced to leave their homes. Some five million Syrians are now living as refugees in foreign countries - nearly half of whom are children. These children are the ones who have suffered most from the effects of the war.

War Child has been actively responding to the Syrian crisis since early 2012. War Child is currently the leading agency providing emergency psychosocial support and education services to conflict-affected Syrian children in Lebanon. We are also present in Jordan and Iraq to support the urgent needs of displaced Syrian children through our education and child protection programmes.

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Three new projects were approved over the course of the year with a total budget of €2.3 million. These projects enabled War Child to expand its Syria response programme both in terms of locations, partners and beneficiaries reached.

War Child increased its participation in and contribution towards joint humanitarian initiatives undertaken in partnership with other NGOs and UN agencies.


The continuous deterioration of the humanitarian situation around the neighbouring countries of Syria had a significant impact on the work of our partners.


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