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Meetings and Activities

In 2016 the Board held five meetings and three audit committee meetings, all attended by management. The issues examined in these meetings included: the new 2020 Global Strategy; the War Child Theory of Change; the Research and Development strategy, which works towards an evidence-based care system through the Core Interventions methodology; the continued development of the War Child Global initiative; innovation in fundraising and the development of the Marketing, Communications and Fundraising (MCF) departmental strategy; and the approval of the annual plan and budget for 2017.

The Board held an additional meeting to evaluate the function and performance of the Board and that of the Managing Director - management were not present at this meeting. Board members also met on an individual basis with various managers and members of staff to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day operations of War Child and, where possible and appropriate, to give advice on specific topics.

The Management Team shared organisational highlights and lowlights with the Board over the course of the year.