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Kids and Schools

War Child is keen to invest in and build relationships with children living in the Netherlands. June 2016 saw us launch the War Child Kidsclub - a club for children aged between eight and twelve. The development phase was marked by extensive research, including surveys conducted with primary school children.

© Irina Raiu

The format of the Kidsclub originally saw children join through a monthly structural donation of €2. This format didn’t reflect our new strategic goal to create a global movement for peaceful futures for children affected by war and conflict. To better align the Kidsclub with our strategy we changed the membership mechanism - a structural donation is no longer required and children can now join the Kidsclub through organising fundraising actions or giving presentations on our work.

Kidsclub members receive weekly videos made by the War Child Kidsclub team of vloggers - Britt Scholte, Quinty Misiedjan, Rens Polman and Niels Oosthoek. The end of the year saw Quinty Misiedjan travel to Uganda to make a series of vlogs about our work there.

© Irina Raiu

The War Child Kidsclub is 100 per cent sponsored by America Today. The annual €30,000 sponsorship sum covers all production costs - which means that all funds raised go directly to our projects.

The Kidsclub already has a healthy and growing presence on social media, with more than 800 followers on Instagram. We are very proud of our vloggers and the relationship we have built with our Kidsclub members.

2016 also saw the sixth edition of our annual ‘school musical’, our annual King’s Day action and a Kidsclub event where children communicated with our country offices via Skype. All of these events generated strong press coverage and awareness of our work.

Total fundraising income from our Kids and Schools sector in 2016 was €200,346 - in line with our €191,500 target.