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Business Partnerships

In 2016 we raised €1.7 million from the business sector across the year as a whole. This was more than 20 per cent above our planned target for the year. We saw the biggest growth in incidental donations and funds coming from fundraising one-off actions, which appears to be an ongoing trend in this sector.

As with the trend in the market for individual donors, it was a challenge to secure long-term commitments from companies through a monthly or multi-annual partnership construction.

We were very happy to retain ASN Bank as our main sponsor in 2016. The year saw us end our collaboration with T-Mobile as our other main sponsor - but the company will continue to be product sponsor for our mobile accounts. T-Mobile customers surprised us with an unexpected donation that was provided by customers who donated an enormous amount of loyalty points to War Child.

War Child takes pride in keeping costs low, and getting in-kind sponsors on board to help us realise our goals. Our in-kind product sponsors during 2016 included Cisco, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Google, Xtandit, ADP, Valtech, Crown van Gelder, MINI Amsterdam and Koninklijke Van der Most. Particular thanks must also go to Nuon, who provided the call centres used in support of our ‘Jij&Ik’ TV special.

The positive result with regard to financial support from the business sector has come from our continuing efforts to build relationships. War Child will invest more in building friendships with existing and potential new partners over the coming years. We will keep improving our partnership propositions to ensure they are inspiring and result in sustainable partnerships that have a significant impact for conflict-affected children.

The way to do this is to consider how we as an NGO can keep adding value to our business partnerships - through our extensive network, our amazing brand and through events and strategic sessions in which we connect and co-create with our partners.

Because we believe that we only can grow and help more children when we work together.