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Our Volunteers

We continued to enjoy significant support from our network of volunteers over the course of 2016. By the end of the year we had 78 voluntary spokespeople and 233 volunteers who helped us out at events. Capacity to coordinate our network of volunteers was reduced but we still managed to invest in basic training and direct communications with these wonderful people who contribute so much to our activities.

Our volunteers made a significant contribution to our activities over the course of the year. They organized the Walk for War Child event in Brabant. They gave 147 presentations at schools, companies and sports clubs, reaching 3,955 people. Volunteers handed out special bracelets to crowds at Marco Borsato’s recent concerts in exchange for donations. More than 30 volunteers helped us at our ‘Jij&Ik’ TV special - which also saw 300 employees from Nuon work in our call centre for the night for free.

One of the lessons we learned in 2016 is the importance of keeping our network informed about developments within the organisation. We will investigate new ways of communicating with our volunteer base to meet their demand for information. We also found that volunteers are increasingly interested in taking part in temporary projects where they can use their talents. We will address this need in 2017.