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Engaging with Stakeholders

We enjoyed close contact with our Friends in 2016. We sent them two newsletters (Peace of Paper) by mail and four newsflashes and newsletters via email. We also got to meet some of our supporters in person on several occasions during the year, including at our Major Donor event, our ‘Jij&Ik’ TV show and our office Open Day. We also invited 126,831 Friends to provide us with feedback on how we communicate with them.

Our annual ‘Kili Challenge’ - which sees participants climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise funds for War Child - helped create a number of new and engaged ambassadors for our cause. 2017 will see Tooske Ragas undertake the climb in aid of War Child - which promises to generate national media attention.

The series of four short films we made for the ‘Jij&Ik’ TV event garnered international attention. The film ‘Batman’ featuring the famous character went viral in just two days and was viewed on YouTube across the world. We reached millions of people and received many heart-warming comments. In 2017 we will reproduce this video for commercial purposes and have reached out to DC Comics to ask for permission for their Batman copyrights. We have also sought permission for music rights.