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Each country office in our organisation develops project plans which specify the planned results (both short-term and intermediate outcomes) of a particular intervention. Measurable indicators are formulated to enable us to track progress towards the results and goals set out in each plan.A monitoring and evaluation plan is also developed before any project is initiated. In these plans, we set out how each indicator will be measured and check which tools will need to be developed to measure each distinct indicator. For each outcome indicator, we perform a baseline measurement and annual follow-up measurements with a representative sample of the target group.

In 2017 we will design a Global Monitoring Framework to measure core outcomes across the organisation. The Framework is aligned with our Theory of Change and it includes standardised indicators and tools to measure changes in the lives of children and their caregivers as a result of our work.

Collecting evidence-based information is the first step to improve the quality of our work and make further improvements in children’s lives. The evidence generated by the Framework will inform programmatic and strategic decision making.